A downloadable project

This is one of my collab pieces, created to thank people who donated money during a rough patch of life in June 2018. Of the 60 or so people who gave money, 30 provided ideas for this piece, and they were all included to the best of my ability.

This is a poster-sized piece that you can print for yourself! Remember: reprinting this piece is allowed, reselling is not. Be cool about it.

This piece was made possible by: Ash Cinder, Alstor, Azmi Khaiqal, Brandon Carey, Clover Arizona, DeanFox, Draggy, Ferris, Flake, Gavin~☆, Jake Soot, Juno, Kavaeric, Mezzo, Mishka Smellianski, Parse Noire, Peachy Fennec, Princess Grace, Professor Scritch, Ropnolc, Shirou14, ShrimpyShiro, Silver Sukanku, Thaminga Vesemxoq, Tori Deer, Vilkoviak, Willow, and Zeiros Lion.

All characters © their respective owners. 3 files: 2 PNGs, 1 TIF, RGB and CMYK. General audience.


Aesthetic Summer Living by JD.zip 101 MB